Reign of Winter

Assault on Logrivich's lair

Death to the dragon

We entered the clock tower, arriving into a foyer with 3 exits, two that led to ice troll barracks and their owners and one that led to stairs with the aid of the key from the main ice troll captain. We reluctantly defeated them as we were not able to open the stairway door without their keys. We have an extra set of keys unknown in purpose also taken from the guards. We climbed to the top of the tower (bypassing the 2nd level) and found a lady prisoner and released her to follow until she can safely leave (her name I don’t remember but she is the lover of the Cleric of Molani). We then climbed a 20 foot ladder to the tower top. Logrivich attacked as we emerged through the opening. We fought Logrivich suffering flyby attacks. But once we figured out he was perching on the tower spirals, we managed to shot and blast him with fire. His defeat was not without price. I lost my wand of magic missiles, several potions, my MWK crossbow and had several other items damaged. Our rogue/ranger also felt the ice breath and had some items damaged. We now are regrouping and starting the lair search. We probably can’t delay too long as the dragon’s death in fiery display on tower top will probably alert our enemies of our movements. The attack will probably commence whether we want it to or not. This means we will have to race for the forest at the center of town and the hut within it.



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