Reign of Winter

Entering White Throne

Hiding as Stil Yagi

We finally reached the home of Martin the Forger after a fight with another winter wolf and sneaking past two ice trolls and another human (probably a winter wolf). Martin produced papers for us. We are now guests of a local noble The papers also state we are foreigner from our homeland. I hesitate to name the noble as if we fail and these papers are read it might incriminate her or him. Ringeirr then lead us to the gate and we passed into White Throne unmolested though two mirror men did examine our papers. Ringeirr then took us to the Shrine of Milani. There the cleric, Solveig Ayrduhl, told us of a way to get to the hut of Baba Yaga. However, the plan involves killing a white dragon named Logrivich. If we can do that then the Iron Guard (loyalists to the old regime) will attach and possible the heralds of summers return. During this distraction, we should be able to sneak into the forest around the hut and finally to the hut itself.

We have spent the last week preparing and posing as Stil Yagi. We have been able to refit with magical equipment. I now have more fire related spells namely burning hands, fire arrows, and see invisibility and a gift rod of extend (lessor). I also purchased a wand of magic missiles. The archer also bought a scroll of greater magic weapon. All of which I have learned and put in my spell book.

Now we start the assault on the dragon’s home. We destroyed two statues at the entrance and are starting into the building.



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