Reign of Winter

Hunting the Hut

Wydroe's journal of northern travel

We defeated the dragon and looted its hoard, signaled the iron guard to start the revolution, and regrouped at the temple returning the lady we found. We resupplied and started for the hut in the center of White throne. We added a fellow adventurer. Lucian, a cleric. He helped identify the first of the two Dawn Pipers we fought on our entrance into the forest in the town center. We also defeated more ice trolls and a sprigget. We glimpsed the hut through a whirling vortex that seemed very bad to enter. We now continue to hunt the powers feed the vortex, and hopefully once we defeat all of them, we can proceed to the hut and continue our quest to free summer and end winter’s reign. Though I and the new adventurer Lucian are not bonded to the quest by the black rider as are our compatriots, we have pledged to help none-the-less.



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