Reign of Winter

Journal Entry 3 Northern adventures Wydroe Smithson

Trouble with a goat

We followed the fleeing Atomie back into the kitchen and killed it and a sprigen cook. We then teleported up to an alter room and bedrooms. We ventured down the hall and set off a trap (rogue hurt with a sickening). But we found treasure:
12 Scrolls, 2X comprehend languages, 2X cure light wounds, 1X delay poison, 1X dispel magic (used on blind rogue). 1X irrisini mirror sight, 1X remove disease, 1X remove sickness, 1X three fold aspect, 1X youthful appearance *
9 decanters; 2X cure light wounds (one used). 2X enlarge person, 2X reduce person, 3X oils of mask demeower
50 bars of trade silver (50 gps eac)
type II bag of holding (now holding bars)
a cursed ring we thought was regeneration
a pair of feather tokens (a bird, a tree)
robe of useful items with 9 patches (3 alchemist fire, ladder, row boat, open pit, window, potion of cure serious wounds, 2 war dogs)
1290 gps, 2198 sp, 2787 cp (cp is still in room)
wand of color spray (I am using but am afraid it will be cursed also)
Iron coffer

The owner of the room then returned with a goat. We fought and he (Ratasec Pavrol) flew out a window. His goat nearly ended my adventuring. How embarrassing that I could not handle a goat. The rogue was blinded by Ratasec, but I managed to use the dispel magic scroll to restore his sight. We are now chasing him into the courtyard.



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