Reign of Winter

Journal Entry 4 or 5 for Wydroe Smithson in Winterland

Defeat of the Tower and Portal closing

We continued battle Ratasac chasing him down through the teleportors to the courtyard. We defeated him and the animated ice dragon in the courtyard. We then found a book with instructions to close the portal. With some help from Josiah and our Rogue, I stumbled through the task. We collected all our loot and set the captured captain free (so to speak making it easy for her to break her bonds). We then headed back to Wallsby and Nodia’s house to give her the bad new that we did not find her daughter at the tower. Nodia agreed to guide us to the White tower in ??? IT is a 100+ mile trek through dangerous territory. We have not had too much problems but we are now plagued with Gremlins.



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