Reign of Winter

Northern Adventures Continued (Outside White Throne)

Harrows Delivering Food

After the goblins, we agreed to help Ringo (Richard or something like that) deliver food to his contact. However shortly after reaching the drop. We in countered a mirror faced guard of some type. Unfortunately I could not hide and drew his attention. Then he replicated himself somehow in the window. We fought and defeated him and his twin. But he was not easily harmed. And upon death burned the image of our archer into his face mirror.

We tried to disguise our archer as a mirror man but Ice Trolls arrived and asked question in giant and we answered and they attacked. This was a hard fought battle and we were able to win but our archer, myself and Joshua (I think all were wounded and unconscious at the end of it. I did however get to use my fireball spell. It will take some practice to get truly breathtaking eruptions. The first two were somewhat underwhelming efforts. I did however finally land a scorching ray. The winter wolf is a good target for such. After the troll fight we tracked down our contact and found a place to rest. We then set out again to get our affairs in order to enter the city proper. But we promptly ran into two arguing humans or what we thought were humans. They ended up turning their anger on us and in the turning spirit they turned themselves into winter wolves as well. We fought and again we were able to defeat them. But in a disturbing turn of events, one of the wolves (in human form) through down his weapon and surrendered. Our Archer then killed him. I can rationalize this action. I have weighed the options. We were faced with an evil magical beast who was defenseless and unarmed in human form, but yet we could not hope to contain him, incapacitate him, leave him behind or travel with him. I am not sure how to feel other then sad. I am most sad for our archer having to carry the guilt of this action the rest of her days.



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