Reign of Winter

Reaching White Throne

Wydroe's Journal Entry of Northern Travels

(Session from June 15)
We have reached White Throne. The city is held by white witches, winter wolves and other evils. We could not approach the city directly, so, Nottia suggested finding her husband’s brother (a smuggler and part time revolutionary) to help up get in. We found his fishing village and discovered he had been arrested by local thugs used to control the village population. We kept a bar keep’s son from being arrested and then stormed the jail (thanks to the information from the grateful bar keep). The jail held ogre’s and the thug boss. We defeated them and found Nottia’s husband’s brother, Ringo or Ringal or something like that. I will call him Richard. He was able to get us into the city disguised and hidden in a fish cart. We then split up and our party going to get papers was ambushed by ice goblins. We almost killed them all but one got away. We hid the goblin bodies and continued on to the contact to get papers. However, Richard, (alias I don’t remember his name), heard our fight and came back looking for us. He warned us to hide the bodies and said we should meet him at some inn later. I will have to double check its name. I think we have just become White Throne Rebels. We must continue our quest though to end winter and stop the evil witches’ plans as first priority. (written in coded common with a 1,3,5,7,9 letter shift by word)



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