Reign of Winter

Traveling to White Throne

6th journal entry of my travels north (two sessions)

I have not updated my journal in a while mainly because we are on the road and constantly busy with chores , guard duty, and daily routines. A lot has happened in a short time. I believe we have been traveling a little under a week. We are guided by Natia, who I guess because of her grief, keeps to herself and doesn’t talk much except to tell us she wants to move to almost every village we pass through. Anyway, let me continue with the events that have transpired. We met a woman troubled by a moss troll who she thought captured her husband. We tracked the supposed troll to a cave, but found her husband, Fingarth, was the moss troll (possessed by mind enslaving moss). We were able to destroy the moss and not kill her husband. After or before this I can’t remember we were attacked by a dire wolf or winter wolf (I am not sure which) and 4 men, two with swords and two with bows. The archers in the group were particularly dangerous. I was gravely wounded and healed by Josiah. But, when Joshua was helping the archers targeted him and killed him. We were enraged and killed all but one archer. We gave him a choice to talk about his leaders and there plans or die in the cold. We reached an agreement. He told us all he knew (not much as his boss was the wolf) and we gave him a spell to protect him long enough to get to a village for shelter. We then back tracked to the village of Ellsprin (I think) and the visiting bishop raised Josiah and restored him (for a hefty sum???). We traveled on and came to a pocket of summer and we were able to avoid a dangerous situation wit ha giant deer and two dire wolves. Our Ranger stilled the deer and our Bard Josiah. We then continued on to Olsguard and sheltered in a destroyed temple of Desna. The Temple was haunted (we experienced visions of priests killing children and giants over running the village.) We were also attacked by undead things (Huecua) who emitted auras of crushing despair. We destroyed them but in the process our ranger/rogue was diseased then cured by our Archer with a scroll. After leaving Olsguard we traveled and came upon a murder scene. We invested only to find that quicklings or tinderquicks had killed the husband and were attempting to kill more. We moved forward walking directly into the ambush of the things. I was again severely hurt by the surprise attach from the quickly, but once again Josiah saved me with timely heal spells. We finally killed the quicklings and saved the lady and her children. We explained that she feared her faun son was in with a bad group of Fay and that he was in danger. We tracked the fay to a barn and saved the faun and killed the last quickling. (I noted to: buy something to help see invisible creatures and bought a scroll of glitterdust, though I have not deciphered it yet). We continued into the town after the quicklings and resupplied. We again traveled on and came to a bridge guarded by three water trolls. We fought them and I ended up in the water. I was not able to swim (I guess it was the cold water). But while I was struggling the rest of the group killed the trolls. I learned to be careful next time not to be in reach of the trolls or other giant things while attempting to cast. The troll reached out over our dwarf and grabbed me. I thought I was safe behind others. It is a lesson at least I lived through from which to learn. We are now continuing on the White thrown. I am able to write this during my watch (a peaceful but cold night).



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