Reign of Winter

Jounal Entry of Northen travels Three (Wydroe Smithson)
Tower Assualt with Enemies All Around

I am recovering slowly. We had a hard fought day. We cleared the first floor room by room defeating 6 guards. We only found a “teleporter” for lack of better description that again our talented bard was able to activate with us all in it. We fought the captain of the guards, subdued her and interrogated her. Two keys were found. One key will activate the teleporters and another to the captian’s private treasure stash which we found later and confiscated for our cause. Also, while clearing this new floor (most likely the second floor), we were surprised by a mandragona (a living pile of dirt of some sort that made me sick), but we managed to destroy it. We also found a noble lady who turned out to be a monster and who attacked to my misfortune during a fight with a previously met minstrel and her two atomie companions. We fought them and won but one atomie got away. We hope it does not let the captain we left tied up loose. We are attempting to gather ourselves and continue the assault for justice. (note to self: I was really puzzled by the teleport key. Even with magical aid, I just could not decipher its function. I really must study harder at my spell craft. Maybe my dreams of being a righteous monk are detrimentally distracting and I need to refocus on the tasks at hand).

Journal Entry Number 2 (Wydroe Smithson)
Assault on the White Tower (for Justice)

Using the sleds we acquired from the cowardly guards, we were expertly led to the white tower by our hostess. The Viking mage/cleric performed last rites for her murdered son. We all are very committed to this cause of making things right for her. She has risked much and paid dearly for helping us.

Disguised as the cowardly guards we bluff our way into the tower thanks to our silver tongued bard (a 30 foot wall of ice surrounds it). It has magical doors of ice that turn to liquid to allow us to enter. We get almost into the inner tower before a dog dining troll queues the guards that our dwarf friend is not a proper employee of the evil hoard. Luck does smile on us as we manage to defeat the troll and 3 accompanying guards. Our rogue and righteous dwarf fell the troll and I with the archer and Viking finish the guards. We are puzzled for a while about how to get into the inner tower. I try to melt the ice door with my flaming sphere with very little affect. The answer to the doors was the guards ruin necklace. It turned the door to water and me entered. Beyond was a large circular ice chamber with a pool. The water elemental living n the pool attacked and we ended its life. We are now resting here and hoping for the best.

Jounal Entry of Northern Travels (Wydroe Smithson)
The Dasterdly Tale and my Oath to Help

While wandering on a warm summers day, I stumbled upon a magic portal of sorts and thought it would be fun to venture forth. I emerged in a land of winter, but managed to follow a group of adventurers to a town. They stayed in town with a local lady who helped them equip for the weather and replenish their supplies (I also did similarly; very cold). I continued to shadow the group as they were strangers like me and spoke common tongue (Note to self: I really need to sharpen my linguistic skills or magical ability to communicate).

As I followed them after shopping, they abruptly ended their relaxation at a local tavern and departed for the house of their host. Then tragedy, the fickle fiend, struck. Their hostess was captured by an evil, cowardly band of local thugs or guards or some such group. As she was being taken away, the adventures attempted to slow the band by sabotaging the sleighs. But, again fate did not smile. The band seeing the act stabbed the hostess, retreated into her home, and attempted to (I think) hold her children as hostages. The group attacked and was able to save the young lady and one of her two children.

Having witnessed this evil act, I volunteered my services, though humble as they are, to help avenge this evil. I was likewise joined in this vow by another southlander, but as a Viking mage/cleric, more acclimated and apparently more familiar with this group. I explained my predicament and they loaned me a large sum to equip myself with a cold iron dagger. They told me though briefly of their travels and explained that evil fey seemed common here.

December 29th Session - Player's Notes
Teb Naughten and The Black Rider of Baba Yaga

Excerpts from the Journal of Eowyn Simblymenë, Oracle of Abadar:

The 11th day of Erastus in the 4713th year of Aroden:

While resting in our camp last eve we were attacked by the foul creature Izoze and his companion. After our previous encounter with him we were prepared for his life-fortifying black magic and smote him with great dispatch. The subsequent day passed with little excitement save the arrival of a traveling merchant, Thorvald Thorinsson, on the frozen paths of this forsaken wood. We have invited him to share our camp for the eve and journey forward with us into the valley in search of Teb Naughten.

The 12th day of Erastus in the 4713th year of Aroden:

The weather has been increasingly treacherous as though the very breath of Abadar wishes to forbid our passage into this realm. Still, we press on through snow drifts as tall as Grimnir who has taken to riding on the carriage of our new companion. Upon the midday we reached a camp and met resistance almost immediately. Elidel scouted forward and fell into a most devastating trap which took him from the fight. Our illustrious bard, whose songs and dances have proven inspiring time and time over, quickly lept to raise our spirits in light of certain mortal combat.

The foul beast Teb Naughten made his presence known with a devastating attack against our most distinguished bard. I prayed to Abadar that my arrows might strike true and laid a volley into the beast. Our new friend, Thorvald, made his worth known by casting spells of protection and augmentation. Which were quite useful in preventing the beast from striking at him and helped Grimnir’s hammer land more squarely against the terrible sprites. Thorvald then set upon the beast with with a hammer of his own which seemed to be guided through the air by powers beyond that of a simple merchant.

My arrows garnered the attention of Teb’s lieutenant, Hommelstaub. His attacks carried an energy which burned me as though a dark flame were lit within my soul. After many exchanges Abadar saw fit to balance his scales in my favor. He reached out through the wintery cold and guided my arrow into the very heart of the winged-beast which pursued me. In the interim, my comrades had slew the Troll, Teb Naughten, and with great haste sent a final attack toward Hommelstaub ending his wretched life.

After the battle we took time to tend our wounds and search the rest of the camp. We found many items of value and practical use. We also became aware of the source of the sudden chill which has covered these lands, a portal into a land of ice and wind which bellows its bitter breath into our realm.

During our investigations we encountered a Black Rider who was moments from death. We nursed his injuries as best we could but many of his wounds were beyond our skill to heal. He very well may not make it through the eve.

The 13th day of Erastus in the 4713th year of Aroden:

Our party managed to get some rest and met with no molestation during the eve. Upon the break of day the man who appeared to us as a black rider has regained consciousness and begun to tell us his tale.

He tells us that he was once known in this land as Illarion Matveius, however is now known as Black Midnight. He is one of three Black Riders of Baba Yaga. His charter is to herald the return of Baba Yaga to Irrisen where she will crown a new queen.

However, Baba Yaga has not returned and her daughter Elvanna has no intention of relinquishing her throne. Elvanna desires conquest of all of Golarion and has placed the gates of wintery cold throughout the all the world. She attacked Matveius when he appeared and he barely escaped with his life.

He tells us that the gates can be controlled from an Ice Tower in White Throne, the capital of Irrisen. Additionally, the Hut of Baba Yaga can be found there and will be needed to help bring her to this realm to unseat Elvanna. The Hut is controlled by magical keys. Two of which Matveius gave to us after forcing us to take an oath to stop Elvanna.

Dec. 28th

The party encountered a strange and new member. A short Viking Cleric/Mage. The party took him and his sleigh in. AS the group delved further into the Valley, the conditions are get harsher and harsher. The party managed to find the Winter Portal and in a hard fought battle they managed to defeat Teb Knotten and his band of Winter Soldiers. Then the party encountered a dark and ominous rider. After trying to help the rider, they realized he was wounded and did their best to aid and heal him, to no avail. The rider collapsed, so the party took him into an igloo to rest, and decided to search the camp for treasure. They found a bunch of gold and gems as well as a few items.

The rider awoke the next day, and explained that The Black Rider is the herald of Baba Yaga, one of three. He is the Black Rider. He explains the portals, who some of the key people are, and about the hut. He gives the party the 2 remaining keys to the Hut and enchants them to work before he dies. (By slitting his throat.)

The party had to swear to take up the mantle of the Black Rider and save Boba Yaga. In doing so, they are granted the boon: Mantle of the Black Rider. You are all now bound to aid Boba Yaga and for that you are granted the mantle. The Mantle gives all the PC’s a +2 Item bonus to any stat of their choice.

Treasure was Outlined by Donovan,

Teb Knotten 800
2 Ice Sprites 200
Hommestaub 600
Pit Trap 800
RP Bonus/Story Award 1000

3400 Total/ 5 party members= 680 XP each

Episode 2

So the party scouted the area around the cabin. They find the haunt site. They failed on several attempts to speak with the haunt. They got a little bit of info, but not to much! The then sent the corpse of the Cavalier back to town on his horse.

The party then started out headed down the trail. The managed to find a message in the snow, “Turn back or all hope will be lost…” which was only left to lure unsuspecting people into a magic warded trap. The trap caught Eowyn SimblymenĂ« and our Ranger Rogue in its clutches! However, ever valiant, the party healed up and pressed on. The group managed to find the trail of the wounded Giant Wiesel. The Wiesel charge the Rogue only to miss horribly and have Eowyn SimblymenĂ« Plink it twice with arrows killing it immediately.

The group pushed on. They managed to find the Somir Valley where they had been told that Teb Naughten had set up his camp. They found a camp and where ambushed by Ioze again. Ioze brought an air elemental with her and after a drawn out fight, the party managed to kill her. Not before learning a hard lesson about Fast Healing! Grimnir Hammersworn Smashes Iozes summoned Mephit to make sure another one does not get back up…

Session Xp

Trap 1,200 Xp
Wiesel 800 Xp
Ioze/Mephit 800 x2= 1,600
Air elemental 400

Total: 4000 xp /4= 1,000 XP each player

Donovan was awarded 250 XP at beginning of the session for note taking!

Session Treasure from ioze:

Magic Potion of ?/ 5th level caster (must identify)
130 GP
6 PP
Scroll of ?
/3rd level caster (must Identify)
Wand of ??? w/ 33 charges (must Identify)

Last Episode

The heroes managed to scrape through the bear traps, found the creepy doll, defeated the creepy doll thanks to the ranger rogue, or was that no thanks to the ranger rogue? The rejoined up with their Cavalier friend, whom met his untimely demise saving the life of his horse from a band of Mandragora’s

What a fight! Lesson, if you can’t see in the dark and have no fire, don’t charge out of a protective hut alone. Bad things may happen!

Session XP:

1270 XP
Bonus 100 XP to the ranger Rogue for his expert RP of being Charmed!


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