Reign of Winter

Finding the Hut
Losses to our cause

I was called back from guarding the forest entrance as a battle had just ended. The white witch NV and her golem had been killed and destroyed, but not without loss. Our friend and cleric lay dead. However the hut was also in the clearing. We also found another companion for our group, the witch had been torturing a man name Axel. He had been forced to help with the hut door. We healed him and gave him is stuff back. We unchained the hut from the bone fence and it settled to the ground. We then walked in the open door. The interior of the hut was larger than expected. It had a map room with scrying capabilities. It had a hidden library, where I acquired two new spells. The house spirit, Zorka, appeared and told us that Baba Yaga was not there and that we were the black riders (all but Axel, who set off a glyph of fire). We had a premonition to use the keys we had (the giant beard and the something else) and throw them in the boiling cauldron in the room center and to exit the main entrance of the hut. As we suspected, the entrance opened onto a hall way. We after one circuit determined we were in a loop of some sort. We then looked for hidden doors and found a door hidden by illusionary. The door led to a room. The room had an exit but also a guardian of that exit (Ragnor or something like that). We again searched the hall and found another hidden door and a room of honeysuckle gardens with summer like weather. The raven in that room told us to come back after we had completed two other trials and he would give us the 3rd. We continued on in the circular hall finding another door and room of desolation. The raven there sent us into an adjacent room to “prove our worth”. The room contained a fiendish dire boar. I shot my magic darts at it, the archer shot several arrows in it. But the real battle was between our paladin and the demon in the beast. Grimmer hammered the thing but was gored from hip to hip in the process. Our bard ran to his aid but was snagged as well. Grimmer struck again and almost killed the thing but was then caught again in the tusks of the beast. He fell and did not rise. We have lost Grimmer and are heart broken. We can not express the pain in words. Josiah was almost inconsolable after. We will miss you Grimmer. We will return with the tusk to the raven soon and we must bury Grimmer in the garden under the honeysuckle.

Continuing in the Forest Looking for the Hut
Trouble rescuing the enemy and fay

We gathered our group after defeating the second dawn piper and found out that our archer had seen a family, stuck in a tree. We backtracked some and found them. With a grappling hook and knotted rope, we helped them climb to the ground and took them to the exit of the forest. The father thanked us with a magic amulet that toughens skin to weapon strikes. We then ventured North and were ambushed by two perytons (antlered, wolf-headed, flying fay). We defeated them but not before I got myself gored by one, (Note: fay tend to attach (get revenge) on those who hurt them most). I received healing from our bard, Josiah. We also found a ring of protection in the gullet of one of the perytons. Continuing North, we found a house with a woman stranded in it wanting escort out of the forest. We agreed to do so after we first finished our business in the forest. She traveled on with us. We soon came upon a campfire with beautiful women and a drunk merchant. We started to leave them when 3 of our party unexpectedly returned to join their fire. After a long discussion we agreed to help them out of the forest. However this help was not understood as such. Once we showed them the exit, they made clear their misunderstanding arguing we were to take them to a safe place (a guard stronghold). The original lady we met must have figured out we were not White Throne patriots after seeing the dead trolls we had slain earlier. After asking us this point and not getting a very unconvincing bluff, she transformed into a winter wolf and attacked us. The three ladies also transformed into fanged fay. They attacked us as well. The merchant alone fled the forest through the exit. We fought awhile and defeated the wolf and fay but not before I again almost met my end If not for the swift thinking and swift healing of Josiah. After loosing a lightning bolt on the fay one managed to reach me and bit and clawed me to the bone. I awoke later to find the fay dead and the party looking for a hiding place. Now we are holed up in the fay fire shack attempting to rest.

Hunting the Hut
Wydroe's journal of northern travel

We defeated the dragon and looted its hoard, signaled the iron guard to start the revolution, and regrouped at the temple returning the lady we found. We resupplied and started for the hut in the center of White throne. We added a fellow adventurer. Lucian, a cleric. He helped identify the first of the two Dawn Pipers we fought on our entrance into the forest in the town center. We also defeated more ice trolls and a sprigget. We glimpsed the hut through a whirling vortex that seemed very bad to enter. We now continue to hunt the powers feed the vortex, and hopefully once we defeat all of them, we can proceed to the hut and continue our quest to free summer and end winter’s reign. Though I and the new adventurer Lucian are not bonded to the quest by the black rider as are our compatriots, we have pledged to help none-the-less.

Assault on Logrivich's lair
Death to the dragon

We entered the clock tower, arriving into a foyer with 3 exits, two that led to ice troll barracks and their owners and one that led to stairs with the aid of the key from the main ice troll captain. We reluctantly defeated them as we were not able to open the stairway door without their keys. We have an extra set of keys unknown in purpose also taken from the guards. We climbed to the top of the tower (bypassing the 2nd level) and found a lady prisoner and released her to follow until she can safely leave (her name I don’t remember but she is the lover of the Cleric of Molani). We then climbed a 20 foot ladder to the tower top. Logrivich attacked as we emerged through the opening. We fought Logrivich suffering flyby attacks. But once we figured out he was perching on the tower spirals, we managed to shot and blast him with fire. His defeat was not without price. I lost my wand of magic missiles, several potions, my MWK crossbow and had several other items damaged. Our rogue/ranger also felt the ice breath and had some items damaged. We now are regrouping and starting the lair search. We probably can’t delay too long as the dragon’s death in fiery display on tower top will probably alert our enemies of our movements. The attack will probably commence whether we want it to or not. This means we will have to race for the forest at the center of town and the hut within it.

Entering White Throne
Hiding as Stil Yagi

We finally reached the home of Martin the Forger after a fight with another winter wolf and sneaking past two ice trolls and another human (probably a winter wolf). Martin produced papers for us. We are now guests of a local noble The papers also state we are foreigner from our homeland. I hesitate to name the noble as if we fail and these papers are read it might incriminate her or him. Ringeirr then lead us to the gate and we passed into White Throne unmolested though two mirror men did examine our papers. Ringeirr then took us to the Shrine of Milani. There the cleric, Solveig Ayrduhl, told us of a way to get to the hut of Baba Yaga. However, the plan involves killing a white dragon named Logrivich. If we can do that then the Iron Guard (loyalists to the old regime) will attach and possible the heralds of summers return. During this distraction, we should be able to sneak into the forest around the hut and finally to the hut itself.

We have spent the last week preparing and posing as Stil Yagi. We have been able to refit with magical equipment. I now have more fire related spells namely burning hands, fire arrows, and see invisibility and a gift rod of extend (lessor). I also purchased a wand of magic missiles. The archer also bought a scroll of greater magic weapon. All of which I have learned and put in my spell book.

Now we start the assault on the dragon’s home. We destroyed two statues at the entrance and are starting into the building.

Northern Adventures Continued (Outside White Throne)
Harrows Delivering Food

After the goblins, we agreed to help Ringo (Richard or something like that) deliver food to his contact. However shortly after reaching the drop. We in countered a mirror faced guard of some type. Unfortunately I could not hide and drew his attention. Then he replicated himself somehow in the window. We fought and defeated him and his twin. But he was not easily harmed. And upon death burned the image of our archer into his face mirror.

We tried to disguise our archer as a mirror man but Ice Trolls arrived and asked question in giant and we answered and they attacked. This was a hard fought battle and we were able to win but our archer, myself and Joshua (I think all were wounded and unconscious at the end of it. I did however get to use my fireball spell. It will take some practice to get truly breathtaking eruptions. The first two were somewhat underwhelming efforts. I did however finally land a scorching ray. The winter wolf is a good target for such. After the troll fight we tracked down our contact and found a place to rest. We then set out again to get our affairs in order to enter the city proper. But we promptly ran into two arguing humans or what we thought were humans. They ended up turning their anger on us and in the turning spirit they turned themselves into winter wolves as well. We fought and again we were able to defeat them. But in a disturbing turn of events, one of the wolves (in human form) through down his weapon and surrendered. Our Archer then killed him. I can rationalize this action. I have weighed the options. We were faced with an evil magical beast who was defenseless and unarmed in human form, but yet we could not hope to contain him, incapacitate him, leave him behind or travel with him. I am not sure how to feel other then sad. I am most sad for our archer having to carry the guilt of this action the rest of her days.

Reaching White Throne
Wydroe's Journal Entry of Northern Travels

(Session from June 15)
We have reached White Throne. The city is held by white witches, winter wolves and other evils. We could not approach the city directly, so, Nottia suggested finding her husband’s brother (a smuggler and part time revolutionary) to help up get in. We found his fishing village and discovered he had been arrested by local thugs used to control the village population. We kept a bar keep’s son from being arrested and then stormed the jail (thanks to the information from the grateful bar keep). The jail held ogre’s and the thug boss. We defeated them and found Nottia’s husband’s brother, Ringo or Ringal or something like that. I will call him Richard. He was able to get us into the city disguised and hidden in a fish cart. We then split up and our party going to get papers was ambushed by ice goblins. We almost killed them all but one got away. We hid the goblin bodies and continued on to the contact to get papers. However, Richard, (alias I don’t remember his name), heard our fight and came back looking for us. He warned us to hide the bodies and said we should meet him at some inn later. I will have to double check its name. I think we have just become White Throne Rebels. We must continue our quest though to end winter and stop the evil witches’ plans as first priority. (written in coded common with a 1,3,5,7,9 letter shift by word)

Traveling to White Throne
6th journal entry of my travels north (two sessions)

I have not updated my journal in a while mainly because we are on the road and constantly busy with chores , guard duty, and daily routines. A lot has happened in a short time. I believe we have been traveling a little under a week. We are guided by Natia, who I guess because of her grief, keeps to herself and doesn’t talk much except to tell us she wants to move to almost every village we pass through. Anyway, let me continue with the events that have transpired. We met a woman troubled by a moss troll who she thought captured her husband. We tracked the supposed troll to a cave, but found her husband, Fingarth, was the moss troll (possessed by mind enslaving moss). We were able to destroy the moss and not kill her husband. After or before this I can’t remember we were attacked by a dire wolf or winter wolf (I am not sure which) and 4 men, two with swords and two with bows. The archers in the group were particularly dangerous. I was gravely wounded and healed by Josiah. But, when Joshua was helping the archers targeted him and killed him. We were enraged and killed all but one archer. We gave him a choice to talk about his leaders and there plans or die in the cold. We reached an agreement. He told us all he knew (not much as his boss was the wolf) and we gave him a spell to protect him long enough to get to a village for shelter. We then back tracked to the village of Ellsprin (I think) and the visiting bishop raised Josiah and restored him (for a hefty sum???). We traveled on and came to a pocket of summer and we were able to avoid a dangerous situation wit ha giant deer and two dire wolves. Our Ranger stilled the deer and our Bard Josiah. We then continued on to Olsguard and sheltered in a destroyed temple of Desna. The Temple was haunted (we experienced visions of priests killing children and giants over running the village.) We were also attacked by undead things (Huecua) who emitted auras of crushing despair. We destroyed them but in the process our ranger/rogue was diseased then cured by our Archer with a scroll. After leaving Olsguard we traveled and came upon a murder scene. We invested only to find that quicklings or tinderquicks had killed the husband and were attempting to kill more. We moved forward walking directly into the ambush of the things. I was again severely hurt by the surprise attach from the quickly, but once again Josiah saved me with timely heal spells. We finally killed the quicklings and saved the lady and her children. We explained that she feared her faun son was in with a bad group of Fay and that he was in danger. We tracked the fay to a barn and saved the faun and killed the last quickling. (I noted to: buy something to help see invisible creatures and bought a scroll of glitterdust, though I have not deciphered it yet). We continued into the town after the quicklings and resupplied. We again traveled on and came to a bridge guarded by three water trolls. We fought them and I ended up in the water. I was not able to swim (I guess it was the cold water). But while I was struggling the rest of the group killed the trolls. I learned to be careful next time not to be in reach of the trolls or other giant things while attempting to cast. The troll reached out over our dwarf and grabbed me. I thought I was safe behind others. It is a lesson at least I lived through from which to learn. We are now continuing on the White thrown. I am able to write this during my watch (a peaceful but cold night).

Journal Entry 4 or 5 for Wydroe Smithson in Winterland
Defeat of the Tower and Portal closing

We continued battle Ratasac chasing him down through the teleportors to the courtyard. We defeated him and the animated ice dragon in the courtyard. We then found a book with instructions to close the portal. With some help from Josiah and our Rogue, I stumbled through the task. We collected all our loot and set the captured captain free (so to speak making it easy for her to break her bonds). We then headed back to Wallsby and Nodia’s house to give her the bad new that we did not find her daughter at the tower. Nodia agreed to guide us to the White tower in ??? IT is a 100+ mile trek through dangerous territory. We have not had too much problems but we are now plagued with Gremlins.

Journal Entry 3 Northern adventures Wydroe Smithson
Trouble with a goat

We followed the fleeing Atomie back into the kitchen and killed it and a sprigen cook. We then teleported up to an alter room and bedrooms. We ventured down the hall and set off a trap (rogue hurt with a sickening). But we found treasure:
12 Scrolls, 2X comprehend languages, 2X cure light wounds, 1X delay poison, 1X dispel magic (used on blind rogue). 1X irrisini mirror sight, 1X remove disease, 1X remove sickness, 1X three fold aspect, 1X youthful appearance *
9 decanters; 2X cure light wounds (one used). 2X enlarge person, 2X reduce person, 3X oils of mask demeower
50 bars of trade silver (50 gps eac)
type II bag of holding (now holding bars)
a cursed ring we thought was regeneration
a pair of feather tokens (a bird, a tree)
robe of useful items with 9 patches (3 alchemist fire, ladder, row boat, open pit, window, potion of cure serious wounds, 2 war dogs)
1290 gps, 2198 sp, 2787 cp (cp is still in room)
wand of color spray (I am using but am afraid it will be cursed also)
Iron coffer

The owner of the room then returned with a goat. We fought and he (Ratasec Pavrol) flew out a window. His goat nearly ended my adventuring. How embarrassing that I could not handle a goat. The rogue was blinded by Ratasec, but I managed to use the dispel magic scroll to restore his sight. We are now chasing him into the courtyard.


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