Campaign Rules

Greetings all.

I have put together some info for the game we will be playing on Sundays.

First off, we will be meeting every other Sunday afternoon. We will meet at the Sci-Fi Factory store in North Fort Worth starting at 12 pm (noon) until approx. 4 pm (10716 North Beach Street, Fort Worth, TX)

Some quick rules:

  • All characters will begin at level 1 (The final module requires players to be Lvl 15 so this should run for a while…)
  • We will use the Medium Character advancement
  • When leveling we will use the RPGA Standard HP progression of Half your max hit die 1 (Fighter would get 6/level plus con bonus ex. 10/2=51=6)
  • We will use a point buy system for Attributes using a 25 point allotment.

I would like all characters to select 2 character traits from the Advanced players guide. (or the players guide I attached has a few other options as well.)

  • All Paizio material will be allowed, however there will be no guns so no gunslinger. Also, No third party material. If you are going to use the web for info, please use the Paizio PRD as that is only authorized Paizio material. The SRD includes third party errata.
  • I would prefer races from the Core rule book but I will allow racial variants as well as class variant rules. If you have a specific race in mind ask, and maybe we can work it out. I just don’t want everyone going crazy in the Advanced race guide. No ECL will be permitted.
  • NO evil and I prefer to not have a bunch of Chaotic Neutral player running around either. Some are fine but if every one is why are you all working together? Keep in mind as well, Lawful Good is not Lawful Stupid… IE to the Game Of Thrones fans, Ned Stark would be lawful good, even in the opening scene in season one where he is executing the guy who abandoned his post. Why some may ask, the known punishment is death for the offense, Ned being an honorable man, chose to carry the punishment out himself as that is his “code” of honor further supplanting himself as Lawful good. So again, if you choose this route, that doesn’t not mean Lawful good must be some super pansy that saves everyone he meets and/or acts lawful stupid.

As all of you are adults, this should go without saying, Sci-Fi Factory permits us to play at their store so please be courteous, pick up after yourselves, and watch our language. Talking with some of you and know others, I do not assume this will be an issue, but I figure I will set the expectations before hand. Also you are permitted to bring food and drink with you as long as you clean up after yourself.

Thank you for playing, I look forward to having fun with you all.

Campaign Rules

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