Reign of Winter

Continuing in the Forest Looking for the Hut

Trouble rescuing the enemy and fay

We gathered our group after defeating the second dawn piper and found out that our archer had seen a family, stuck in a tree. We backtracked some and found them. With a grappling hook and knotted rope, we helped them climb to the ground and took them to the exit of the forest. The father thanked us with a magic amulet that toughens skin to weapon strikes. We then ventured North and were ambushed by two perytons (antlered, wolf-headed, flying fay). We defeated them but not before I got myself gored by one, (Note: fay tend to attach (get revenge) on those who hurt them most). I received healing from our bard, Josiah. We also found a ring of protection in the gullet of one of the perytons. Continuing North, we found a house with a woman stranded in it wanting escort out of the forest. We agreed to do so after we first finished our business in the forest. She traveled on with us. We soon came upon a campfire with beautiful women and a drunk merchant. We started to leave them when 3 of our party unexpectedly returned to join their fire. After a long discussion we agreed to help them out of the forest. However this help was not understood as such. Once we showed them the exit, they made clear their misunderstanding arguing we were to take them to a safe place (a guard stronghold). The original lady we met must have figured out we were not White Throne patriots after seeing the dead trolls we had slain earlier. After asking us this point and not getting a very unconvincing bluff, she transformed into a winter wolf and attacked us. The three ladies also transformed into fanged fay. They attacked us as well. The merchant alone fled the forest through the exit. We fought awhile and defeated the wolf and fay but not before I again almost met my end If not for the swift thinking and swift healing of Josiah. After loosing a lightning bolt on the fay one managed to reach me and bit and clawed me to the bone. I awoke later to find the fay dead and the party looking for a hiding place. Now we are holed up in the fay fire shack attempting to rest.



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