Reign of Winter

Finding the Hut

Losses to our cause

I was called back from guarding the forest entrance as a battle had just ended. The white witch NV and her golem had been killed and destroyed, but not without loss. Our friend and cleric lay dead. However the hut was also in the clearing. We also found another companion for our group, the witch had been torturing a man name Axel. He had been forced to help with the hut door. We healed him and gave him is stuff back. We unchained the hut from the bone fence and it settled to the ground. We then walked in the open door. The interior of the hut was larger than expected. It had a map room with scrying capabilities. It had a hidden library, where I acquired two new spells. The house spirit, Zorka, appeared and told us that Baba Yaga was not there and that we were the black riders (all but Axel, who set off a glyph of fire). We had a premonition to use the keys we had (the giant beard and the something else) and throw them in the boiling cauldron in the room center and to exit the main entrance of the hut. As we suspected, the entrance opened onto a hall way. We after one circuit determined we were in a loop of some sort. We then looked for hidden doors and found a door hidden by illusionary. The door led to a room. The room had an exit but also a guardian of that exit (Ragnor or something like that). We again searched the hall and found another hidden door and a room of honeysuckle gardens with summer like weather. The raven in that room told us to come back after we had completed two other trials and he would give us the 3rd. We continued on in the circular hall finding another door and room of desolation. The raven there sent us into an adjacent room to “prove our worth”. The room contained a fiendish dire boar. I shot my magic darts at it, the archer shot several arrows in it. But the real battle was between our paladin and the demon in the beast. Grimmer hammered the thing but was gored from hip to hip in the process. Our bard ran to his aid but was snagged as well. Grimmer struck again and almost killed the thing but was then caught again in the tusks of the beast. He fell and did not rise. We have lost Grimmer and are heart broken. We can not express the pain in words. Josiah was almost inconsolable after. We will miss you Grimmer. We will return with the tusk to the raven soon and we must bury Grimmer in the garden under the honeysuckle.



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